Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Last night's dinner

I made chicken and broccoli for dinner last night. The broccoli was frozen stuff with cheesy sauce. I had 1/3 of the package (which was a serving, 45 Cal) and split a chicken breast with Husband.

I used to eat a whole chicken breast. But they are 8 oz, which is more than two servings of meat. So I told Husband we could split it and I would take 1/3 of it and he could have the other 2/3. He was fine with that.

I served dinner on our patio. It was nice night.

But after his first few bites, Husband looked over at me

Are you a little kid?
You look like you're cutting your food up for a baby.

I tried to laugh it off.

No I'm not. Haha. I'm just cutting it like normal and it's pulling apart into pieces.

He started picking at it, mocking the small bites I was cutting up, but laughing along with me. At least he was laughing about it, right?
He then suggested we go for a bike ride after dinner.

Of course! That sounds fun!
Okay, I was thinking we could ride our bikes to go get some ice cream!

Ugh. Okay. Only a few miles, so not a far enough bike ride to make up for the scoop of ice cream I had, but I had at least run earlier in the day.
The run didn't go so great because I hurt my ankle while I was out so I headed home after only 2.5 miles (so 5 total) and it's still sore today but I'm hoping if I rest it a little, it will improve and I can get back out there. Finals are over tomorrow and I will have more time to work out pretty soon here. I can't be hurt during my break.

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