Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vacation post #2

I ran again today, which is good but it wasn't enough to make up for the cookies and beer I consumed last night. I ran 5 miles in the sweltering heat. I then went to the beach to swim but my legs were so worn out from the run and the waves were so strong it wasn't even fun.

In other news, I love my mother-in-law, she's kind and generous and makes my life better in so many ways. That being said, she's so out of touch when it comes to food/dieting. She's constantly "dieting", so she claims. Says she has been her whole life. But if this is her idea of dieting, she has no clue. I knew she ate frequently because she always talks about her hypoglycemia and how she has to eat every two hours so she doesn't pass out. She says that is mostly to blame for why she is so overweight. I almost felt sorry for her, until I actually have paid attention to what she consumes. If she's really concerned about her blood sugar, she's doing it all wrong. She needs to learn portions.
Take today for example.

She woke up, had a large bowl of cereal with milk and also coffee with cream and sugar. An hour later, she was getting ready to go to the beach (which is right across the road and she only goes for an hour or two). So she packed some almonds (with sugar coating) and then made herself a sandwich. A full-blown meat and cheese sandwich. And ate that on the way to to beach. Then about an hour later, she started snacking on the sugary almonds. Then, an hour later (after I have had only a banana and have run 5 miles and swam for 30 minutes), we all head back to the house to have lunch. She gets out the Triscuits, puts 6 of them on a plate, globs about 2 tbsp of cream cheese on each one, and puts smoked salmon on top of each glob of cream cheese. As soon as she finishes that, she scoops about two and half cups of leftover jambalaya onto a plate, heats it up, and eats it. As she's doing this, I make for myself a bed of lettuce, and put a small piece of raw salmon on top of it, and drizzle on some soy sauce and sushi vinegar. My mother-in-law looks at it and says "Oh, you're eating a salad? I'll have to keep up with your salad habits". So, she polishes off her jambalaya, and dishes herself out some lettuce, puts a chickpea salad that she's made (doused in oil) on top of the lettuce, pours more oil on top, and eats that.
Ten minutes after she finishes her salad, she devours a brownie with ice cream.

And it's only 2 in the afternoon! We're still going out for dinner tonight! I think she thinks that she eats "diet food" and so she should be skinny, but I can't even begin to think of how many calories she consumes on a daily basis. With no exercise! She's been eating like this every day. Eating a salad doesn't "cancel out" other calories consumed. It only adds more.

And I remember one time when she made a passing remark when I was eating a cookie, that she wishes she had my "young metabolism" so she could "eat like me". What?! She eats soooo much more than I do. And doesn't exercise nearly as much.


  1. Doesn't sound like much of a diet to me! Even though she thinks she is. If she's not losing weight then she probably needs to re evaluate. Glad you two are getting along nicely and you aren't being force fed.

  2. Just cought up on your last 3 posts.. I must say, your mother (well your family in general), remind me so much of mine.. My mother also has this thing where she wants to be the thinest.. My youngest sister is like two heads taller than her and weighs the same as her, and she keeps calling her for the chubster (which she is not)..

    Anywho.. Glad you have a good relationship with your mother in law - but yeah.. She sure is eating a whole lot.. I think most people, including my self, are often blind to how much we actually eat..

    you know what? I don't think I have ever considered working out when Im on vacation.. The way you are working out while you are on yoru vacay is really showing me that I truely need to change the way I think about everyday life.. Vacation or not I guess exercising needs to be a part of my life else I will stay fat forever..

  3. Hello there! I just found you out, and I'm so glad I did!
    And congrats for your workout, 5 miles run + 30 minutes swimming is amazing!