Sunday, June 12, 2011


To my two new followers: Welcome! Hope you enjoy the reading :)

Today I am feeling kind of frustrated because my weight has stayed the same for the past two days. Which ordinarily wouldn't really bother me, but I have been sticking to my diet as well as I did last month and I am not losing. Argh. This morning was probably the biggest let down. I tend to gain about 3 pounds between waking up in the morning and going to bed at night, but then I lose them overnight. Well, last night I was only half a pound heavier than I was first thing in the morning so I was expecting to be down at LEAST a pound this morning, but no. Same as yesterday and the day before.

Exercise has been tough too because my allergies tend to affect my chest and breathing so intensely that I can't do much cardio. Maybe that is why I am not losing.

Oh well, off to a meeting at work. I hope we are allowed to clock in for this meeting. I don't want to go in on my one day off and not get paid.

Everybody take care!

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  1. I hope the weight keeps going down soon :) And feel better, allergies suck.. :(