Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sex and alcohol

I have been doing well not eating carbs. I find I have some trouble sticking to things day-to-day. I set "rewards" for myself for when I reach a goal weight, but have found that if I have a reward at the end of each night that I do well, I stick to my plans more long term. And I realized that since I have a 20g carb limit on each day, if I stay under 8 at night I can have a beer at night! So that is my reward for a low/no carb day. In fact, today I had a total of 6g of carbs all day so I am going to splurge and have TWO BEERS tonight. Tonight's drink of choice: Blue Moon: Honey Wheat with a slice of orange.

Since I am a) a lightweight and b) mostly empty, I anticipate getting a bit tipsy off of the two beers (go ahead, point and laugh). At which point I fully intend to take advantage of my husband. I have been so HORNY lately! It's nuts! Last night I was lying awake in bed, craving sex. My husband was sound asleep (because he's out before his head even hits the pillow) and I tried to wake him up with the offer of some nooky (does any one say that? Ever?) but he turned me down. He loves nothing more than sleep. Don't believe anything Cosmo tells you.

But he is awake right now. So... that's what I'll be doing.


  1. I LOVE beer. I'm a coors light, bud light girl. And my hubby always falls to sleep before me and quick. Not fair! Hope you get some nooky this weekend.

  2. Hooray for beer and sexytime!
    have fun gorgeous and congrats on your low carb day!

  3. beer and bed time fun....the best rewards a woman can give herself!

  4. I love this post. I am a lightweight as well, I have an empty bottle of Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat sitting next to me, and my man turns down sex more than I do. Haha.

    Maybe you had that crazy sex drive if you were ovulating. Typically, right in between menstrual cycles you will ovulate and it causes your hormones to go bat shit crazy and makes you want sex more than anything else. For me, this lasts 1-3 days. It's pretty bad when I'm in class and wondering if my professor knows any good tricks in bed, when typically I wouldn't even find him remotely attractive at all.

    Don't trust hormones. They trick your mind into believing all sorts of crazy shit!

    Also, invest in a good vibrator. ESSENTIAL.