Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Have you heard of this?

My husband has decided he wants to shave his beard into a monkey tail beard. Apparently this is the new thing to do. . . And I thought mustaches were bad. Haven't heard of this facial hair? Well... Here it is.

The only saving grace is knowing he would most likely be too embarrassed to actually go out into public looking like that.


  1. Oh, it's awful! Don't let him do it!

  2. it sure is.. I really dislike facial hair... No matter how it is shaped.. 2-3 days shade is my limit.. Shaving it like that is one thing.. growing it so much so he can shave it like that is another.. and both way too yuck :S

  3. WOW that is quite the facial hair. I am sorry for you if he goes through with it. haha. Interesting though for sure, conversation starter I suppose.