Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A conversation

Since I work all day and that means lunch with co-workers, I explained that I was doing this low-carb thing because my husband is and I want to support him (which is technically why I started it again). This was a conversation that took place last week.

Co-worker: So all you're eating is chicken?
Me: Yeah, cause I can eat as much of it as I want. It doesn't have any carbs.
Co-worker: How do you know it doesn't have any carbs?
Me: Because it's just chicken. All lean meat.
Co-worker: But what if that chicken ate a lot of carbs?
Me: *incredulous pause*... It doesn't really work that way... You just eat the muscles, which are all protein.
Co-worker: Ew! You eat the muscles?!
Me: *more incredulous pause*.... Yes... That's what meat is. What did you think it was?
Co-Worker: I don't know. Just meat.

How is it possible for a woman who is almost 30 and has two kids to know so little about what she is eating?


  1. She should meet the guy I am working with.. He is the one having the gastro.. He has so little info about what he puts inside him that it is sick.. Fex. he says that when you eat enough food to cover your daily calories you don't need to drink any water because he means there is enough liquids in the food to cover the need our body has..

    He also thinks that you can drink apple nectar ( not freshly squeezed stuff) and so on and compare it to eating fresh food, because there is no way there are any sugars in those. It is all fructose.. *sigh*

    According to him beans have no carbs.. anyways you get the idea..

    They should meet!

  2. Some people are ridiculous. You just want to shake your head at them.