Wednesday, June 22, 2011


To you guys who signed up for that stylemint thing. I really really appreciate it.

This morning I found out that my favorite Iced Coffee that I had been avoiding for fear of calorie consumption has less than half the number of calories I thought it would! I assumed that a large would be well over 500 calories, (in large part because Starbucks likes to have famous skinny people toting around their beverages and then pack the calories into everything they have until everything they make tastes like a sugar cube dipped in lard and covered in caramel, which can be "substituted" for a mouth full of artificial sweetener and skim milk to make your coffee then taste like cement) but alas! A 24 oz beverage of smile inducing happiness is indeed only 230 calories. Which, for a large iced coffee with that much FLAVOR this day and age is totally acceptable. I can handle that. Yay for Dunn Bros. coffee!!!!!

In other news, my husband and I have two wonderfully crappy bikes now! I used to have a super deluxe awesome mountain bike, but it got stolen when I lived in the ghetto a couple of years ago so I have been without one for a while. But his brother managed to snag us a couple of bikes from a friend of his that fixes them up and we have been out bike riding! See, we live in the most boring part of the world right now and have been spending too much time being stagnant at night because we cant' find anything to do. Now we will be riding bikes every night! So excited! When I think back to the point in my life when I was the skinniest, it was when I was biking all the time. Because I enjoy it and am good at it so I can do it for hours and not feel bored or exhausted. I love it! In fact, my most drastic weight gain has occurred since losing my last bike. This ought to put an end to all of this gaining-and-losing the same 25 pounds yo-yo nonsense.


  1. I really, really want to get my bike from my moms's house that may or may not be broken down. It sounds fun and like really good exercise which I desperately could use. If it's broken I'll get one at Walmart on the cheap.

  2. We are going to get bikes during this weekend. We want to use them when it is nice weather outside specially during the weekends :)
    And it sure is to know that the coffee has less calories than you thought.. I LOVE the fact that my favourite coffee shop has the calories listed.