Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, monday

So I'm feeling a lot better. Thank you every one for you comments.

Konrad, I'm not sure what caused it. My first thought was bad lunch meat (which is not something I normally eat anyway) but it was the last thing I ate before I got sick. Plus, ever since I got sick I haven't really been in the mood for meat. I've eaten a little meat since then, but hardly any. Only thing that makes me think it might not have been the meat was that Husband ate it on the same day and he didn't get sick. And I haven't been to a doctor in forever. I used to go when I was sick, but they never did anything. They would just tell me they weren't sure what the problem was and to come back if I got any worse. Every time. So I just stopped going.

Kitty and Does it even matter, I did accidentally drink too much water once or twice. I tried to keep it to small sips but I was soooo thirsty.

My stomach wasn't great for about a week after the whole debacle so I have probably only been eating about half my normal food intake. On the plus side, I have only gained back two of the five pounds I lost. On the downside, I haven't had much energy for running. I have gone a couple of times but not very often/long/fast. I need to get back out because all of this lack of running the past month has started to make my butt flatter. And we can't have that. My sex drive has been way too high lately to have to deal with the self-consciousness that comes from my butt being too flat. (Husband is really into my butt, and if he is going to be doing all that grabbing it and stuff I want it to be up to snuff)


  1. talking about butts- power walking should have the same effect as running on shaping the butt doesn't it??

    PS: glad you are better

  2. Glad you are slowly recovering. Being sick just sucks. I wish I had a high sex drive.

  3. Haha! My boyfriend is like that too. =) He's very much a butt guy and is in love with mine. lol I always worry that I'm going to lose it while I'm losing this weight, but it's hasn't started going down at all.

  4. Glad your feeling better. Kitty has it right....I absolutely hate running but i walk 4 miles everyday and since i started HOLY COW what a diffrence. But dont stress about it. Just get well soon *hugs*