Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Business

All of my mornings begin the same: Roll onto my back. Feel my stomach. Am I bloated? Run my hands over my collarbones, ribs, hips. Any new bones?

We have been enjoying our new espresso machine. Making delicious large lattes in all kinds of fall flavorss for around 200 calories. (Which is higher than when I drink my coffee black or just a splash of half&half, but this is way yummier, and still less than most coffee shops).

Désespérée, the really fancy espresso machines are about 800 dollars at least. But this one works really well and you can get them for about 20 bucks. We have the Krups 963/A.

The problem with my weekends is alcohol. I'm not one to get plastered on a regular basis, but I am a social drinker. Friday night Husband's co-worker invited us to his house for dinner to celebrate their other co-worker's last day at their work. It was fun. I had the self-control to only eat one taco (that was mostly lettuce) even though the meat for it was sooo good and I wanted another, but I knew we would be drinking beer all night. Husband's co-worker and his wife make their own beer (which we want to do too) and it was very tasty so I had a few of those.

Then Last night, Husband wanted to make a nice dinner. So we went to the farmer's market, got some good bison steaks and made those (which turned out great! I can't get over how delicious bison is for such a lean meat) with tortellini and cranberry pecan salads. I also made a tomato bisque but we didn't really end up eating that. We lit candles and drank wine (actually, I drank wine, Husband doesn't really care for wine so he had a stout) and it was a nice meal.

I can feel it today though. It feels like I have a rock in my stomach. I would go for a run but I need to go for a long one and I won't have time until after work.

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  1. I'm a social drinker too. It's like you have to choose...drink or eat. I've never had bison. I'm picky but I think I'd be wiling to try it.