Monday, October 17, 2011

Gain and Loss

Hello all.

I was out of town last weekend for a wedding in Husband's hometown. It was so great to see every one I hadn't seen in a long time.

I like traveling on a plane because I tend not to eat. I hate traveling in the car because I eat the whole time. Driving out there wasn't so bad because we drove over night and split the driving so I didn't do a lot of boredom eating. He drove the first 6 hours, I drove the next six hours, he drove again the last hour because it was 4:30 in the morning by that point and I could no longer stay awake.

The trip back, however, was during the day and Husband wanted to drive the whole time, which gave me 14 hours to just sit in the car.
I like traveling with Husband. We have a good time and we laugh a lot but sitting in the car for so long really lends itself to boredom eating.

So I gained three pounds over the weekend. But I had lost it all by this past Friday. So, meh.

While we were there, my mother-in-law gave us her old espresso maker. My brother-in-law said it didn't really work so he wanted to throw it out but we thought we'd take it and give it a shot.

Well, there were two things wrong with it: It was missing a piece for the steam attachment to work and it was filthy. The whole machine was clogged up from not being properly cleaned, ever. So husband and I spent this past Saturday morning taking every single piece of this machine apart, removing all the wires and stuff and soaking everything in bleach. We then went to the store and got a sheet of metal to make the little piece we were missing. Once it was all cleaned and re-assembled it looks and works like brand new! So excited because we loooooove lattes but we hate to spend the kind of money required to go to Starbucks or Dunn Brothers or anything (even though sometimes we still do) but now we don't have to! And my favorite part? I control the motherfucking Calories!
I know exactly what is going into these bad boys and I don't have to just trust that the barista is making it according to the website's Calorie spreadsheet standards. Also, I make things that are delicious (I was a barista for a summer a few years ago) with barely half the Calories of Starbucks. Win!

Thank you all for your reading suggestions! I took my Nook to B&N to start reading Kid Rex and so far it's more about her treatment than anything else and it's pretty boring. I think I will have to try reading Insatiable. It is one that I had considered before I came across Kid Rex but I hadn't decided for sure. But now that it has been so recommended, I think I will have to get it.

How's every one doing?


  1. Mmmm.... Coooofffeeeeeee *drool* hehe..

    A proper homemade- low fat latte can be worth skipping a meal in my book....

    Wrong.. I know.. But I just LOVE coffee..

  2. Thanks for the compliment on my hair! It's a big change, but it won't last forever, so I'm not too worried.

    That's pretty great about the espresso maker. I've always wanted one, but the half-decent ones are at the very least, several hundred dollars. Not in the grad student budget! I hope you enjoy using it :)