Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I went for another run this morning. It felt really good, the air outside was great. I do have fall allergies that make breathing a little tougher but I find if I am cutting back on my grain consumption my allergies don't bother me as much.

I have tried walking but I really enjoy running more. Plus I have heard that walking doesn't engage your butt quite as much. Some say it does, many say it doesn't so... not quite sure.

I've been looking for a new ED book for my Nook. Haven't read one in a while. Does any one have any suggestions? I would like one that focuses a lot on the ED and not so much just their lives. I started reading Diary of an Exercise Addict by Peach Friedman while I was at Barnes & Noble the other day, but it wasn't interesting enough to purchase. I also started reading Skinny by Ibi Kaslik, but didn't care too much for that one.

I've read Wasted a number of times. Also Unbearable Lightness. Those were two of my favorites. I have also read Wintergirls, Hunger Point and I think a couple of others. They were good. Thin by Grace Bowman looks good but it's not available on the Nook so I think I might hold out a little longer on that one. I'm leaning toward Kid Rex. It looks the most interesting. Has any one read it? Or does any one recommend anything else?


  1. I have "thin" .. I think I got couple chapters left. It can be a huge trigger though- so I have put it away for now.

    There is also hungry by Crystal Renn.. This book has a whole lot of ups and downs.. :)

  2. I just finished reading Unsatiable. About a mother of two who is an anorexic/exercie addict and eventually turns into a binge disorder. Although she gives detail and background about her life and chi9ldren, it is almost necessary to follow her story through diffrent periods of her life and disorder. One of my best reads lately and i have read abotu 20 ED books. Hope you find it as winderful as I did.

    Also....due to my high excess of reading I purchase all my books on Amazon used. I got this one for five dollars with shipping. Can't beat that! :)

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  4. Insatiable: A Young Mother's Struggle with Anorexia by Erica Rivera is great. For me, it's the only other ED book that I've read that is even close to as good as Wasted. Wasted talked a lot about the disease, but Insatiable doesn't as much. Honestly, I think a good blog is just like reading a novel (and it's free). I'll read a blog from the very first post to the most recent. It's just like any ED memoir you can pick up, only in the end she doesn't recover (or die).

  5. Nichole makes a good point. Blogs are like books. Books are really just edited blogs that are making money now.
    Both are recordings of one person's journey through the ED storm.
    I like blogs because they're less edited, and because you can interact with the author, and there's a feeling of life whenever a new entry pops up.

    Ahhh somewhere. I have an excerpt from a book I've been meaning to hunt down. I forget the author, she's dead now, sadly, but the book is something like Hunger: Why Women Want.