Monday, October 24, 2011


My blog has now had 3,999 views. So thanks everybody for reading. :)
Maybe I'll start compiling some of my favorite thinspo for when I reach 5,000 views...

Miranda, I strongly encourage eating bison. It's very healthy (particularly if you can find some local organic stuff like we get, but that gets trickier when you get out the the midwest, unless you are in a wealthier area) and it's DELICIOUS! You have to be careful to not overcook it because it doesn't have a lot of fat so it gets a little tough if you cook it too fast or too much, but it's yummier than even the best steak I have ever had. It also is great ground and made into burgers.

In other news, I just got back from a good run. I think it's fall allergies but I have been having a lot of trouble breathing lately. It's not cold enough yet for my asthma to be kicking in so I can only think allergies. This is annoying because my muscles feel great and like I want to run farther/faster but I can't get a decent breath! My diaphragm starts to cramp up and hurt from working so hard to get a breath in because my airways close up but I keep running.

I know this messes with my heart rate and my metabolism so I don't really know my Calorie burn. Daily mile says my run was about 500 Calories but I'm sure that's off in some way. I should invest in a Heart Rate monitor. Any suggestions? I recall many of you posting about them so maybe you can help me out.

As long as I burned 300 calories because between my orange juice and latte today that's what I have consumed.

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  1. nice job on the run hon.

    I am thinking about starting to run - starting on the couch25k program and go from there.
    The one thing I am worried about is the cold.. Living in scandinavia means it is pretty cold already. And the treadmill scares the shit out of me...

    So I was wondering - what to wear when it is cold and you are a noob of a wanna be runner?

    Any suggestions?