Monday, September 26, 2016

Set up for a week of partying.


All right. I can deal. I really hoped for lower. Especially since I was drinking over the weekend and I know that is a dehydrated number. Also, because I am going out of town tomorrow for a week and it's going to be party central while we celebrate Husband's brother's wedding.

I really thought I felt smaller so I took my measurements (which I hadn't done since the end of May because I did such a shitty job all summer) and I am significantly smaller. I mean only about an inch everywhere (waist, ribs, forearms, biceps, thighs, calves, hips) but it's still smaller than when I last measured and I was in the high 150's. Hopefully this means losing fat and gaining muscle. This is why I hate the scale though, because I want to BE smaller, and the scale is rarely representative of that. I mean, it gives me an idea but I can actually be shrinking in size without the scale moving that much.

Any way, wish me luck as I embark on a week of partying. I'll probably come back 85 lbs heavier because it's what I do. I need REAL self-control. Not just when it's convenient.

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  1. Darling c'mon, measurements are MUCH more reliable than the scale!!
    Good job!!
    I must have missed about your husband knee, injuries always suck.. last year my husband broke his elbow and he had to take a 2 months hiatus from running, it was like ugh!
    Enjoy the celebrations and have fun darling!