Monday, October 17, 2016

Colder months on the way.

I came home at 162.5

By weeks' end I was only 159. It's harder as I get older. I might be back down to 156 by now but I'm not getting on the scale until November.

Husband made a remark yesterday morning when I got out of bed before I had gotten dressed. "You look really skinny."

I couldn't come up with a reply. I wanted to argue. I wanted to tell him that his eyes were deceiving him, and in no realm is 5'9" and a hundred-fifty-something pounds skinny. It's not. But I don't want to be that wife that constantly degrades herself in front of people in hopes that people will continue with the compliments. So I said "huh..." and left the room.

It's about time for old bloggers to be coming back. Always seems the cold weather and holidays bring people back around. Is it the lack of sunlight? The looming holiday parties? What is it about the cold months that brings us back to restricting and self-loathing?

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