Friday, August 26, 2016

Everything hurts.

Husband and I were invited over to our friends' house for spaghetti last night. Fortunately the invitation came early enough in the day that I could burn some extra calories in preparation for what is always a high-cal night. These people LOVE to eat and drink.

So during the day I had:
Green juice (Made from spinach, lemon, lime, ginger, apples, and cucumbers)
A handful of grapes
A handful of almonds

And the exercise I got:
Cleaning the house
Barre class
Biking 12 miles to and from work.

This is all good because I ended up drinking 4 glasses of wine, and eating a dish of spaghetti and a cookie.

Today my body hurts from the exercise and alcohol.

I'm not yet sure how I'm going to balance my alcohol consumption this weekend. Three gatherings all centered around alcohol in the next 72 hours. FML. I think Husband is planning to drink a lot so I'm mostly going to go with the "some one needs to drive home" excuse. Which is both true, and responsible.

Plan for today: Walk the dog (too hot for him to run. He won't.), more cleaning (the house can never be too clean), watch my friend's kids (lots of running around, kids love it, their parents love it, I love it).

Veggie collard green wraps for dinner. Maybe nothing until then.

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