Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Americans are fat.

I was definitely feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of being in a swimsuit all week. To my surprise, I ended up having one of the better bodies on the beach. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of skinny girls, including some that I was with (read: Husband's cousin who has arguably the most perfect body I've ever seen) but as far as the general public goes, most were definitely obese. Another surprise, was the popularity of modest swimwear. Even the skinny girls (including Husband's cousin) were wearing one-piece or something resembling it. I could cover up a little and not feel like I was some super self-conscious weirdo.

As far as weight goes, I did horrendously on the trip down to the beach. The first few days I ate modestly and got a ton of exercise so things weren't so bad, but throughout the week every one shared a respiratory infection, which I contracted on Wednesday, so the rest of the week it was hard to keep as active as I would have liked. And there was constant food everywhere.

I came home at 167.0

Gross. Probably can drop at least a couple of pounds this week, but again, still can't breathe from the respiratory infection, so running is difficult (but still happening).

I'm pissed that I let myself get this big. These numbers are horrific and need to be fixed. My new goal is October 1st, because Husband's youngest brother is getting married. I was significantly thinner at his last brother's wedding, and at my own, and I'll be damned if this wedding is going down in history as the one where I was fat.

Another fall goal is new jeans. All of mine from last year are worn out so I actually do need to buy new ones, and of course, the smaller the better.

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