Friday, August 19, 2016

A little lighter, a little light-headed

164.5 yesterday morning, so it's coming off. I'm going back to only weighing myself at the start of each month because it worked better that way. As soon as I started doing it more frequently the numbers went up. Binge and not gain the next day? Must be okay to do it again! Starve and not lose anything? Must not be working!

Of course it works, but it takes more time than I was giving it. I stepped on the scale yesterday morning only to confirm what I already knew. I'm headed in the right direction, I just need to keep working on it. I was tempted to step on the scale this morning because yesterday I biked 12 miles, ran 5 miles, and ate very little, and I feel a little smaller today, so I really wanted to see if I'm down to 163, but of course if I wasn't there I would feel less like working just as hard today. I ran a couple of miles with the dog this morning, but didn't have enough time to get in the miles I wanted to so I'm going to go out with him again this evening. I would go now, but he doesn't last long in the heat at all and when I bring him back to house after he overheats I'm always too tempted to stay home too. Damn you A/C!

I have to pour beer at a festival tomorrow, which ordinarily would mean lots of drinking, but I have had a cold and can't smell much which means I can't really enjoy the beer as I would like to so... That's an easy out of a lot of empty calories.

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