Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend update

Thursday night: was drinking heavily and secretly throwing the leftover half of Husband's grilled cheese sandwich out the car door on the way home (when neither of us should have been driving, but both of us were because we showed up to the bar separately) and letting him think I ate it while I drove home.

Friday night: was trying to avoid the brownies I made for the friends we had over. I opted for more ice cream so that my dish of dessert looked bigger, while the ice cream had a significantly lower caloric density than the brownies.

Saturday night: was home-made cast iron pan pizza with lots of wine, while being grateful I had been "too busy to eat" the entire day leading up to it.

Sunday night: was snacks at a friends house instead of dinner. Two bites of a brownie, 1 cup of popcorn, and about 3 ounces of lemonade that should have just been a full glass of water. I don't even really like lemonade.

Every single day was over 1,000 Calories which is not a good way to start the month. In typical fashion, I have been great throughout the week and then fuck things up on weekends. But it's tricky. The key is to eat little to none during the day and get in as much exercise as I can, so that I can eat and drink in front of people when we go out and still end the day under 1,000. That way I can be like all of the other skinny liars that say "oh, I don't know how I've lost so much weight, look how much I eat!" except my version is "oh, I guess I've just lost weight because I have been running so much and haven't increased my food intake enough!"
Because all of my overweight friends hate to run, and that way they won't think I'm lying, they'll just feel shitty that they aren't running.

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  1. the weekend is soo tricky. Also, yes, friends who make no sport just don't get it.
    today I woke up and weighted like 2 thousands lbs. I kinda hope that maybe is just after-race bloating, but I know it's unlikely. Gah.