Wednesday, March 16, 2016

6 Long

Last year when I was in the midst of my sordid weight gain, I went to Goodwill to purchase some pants that fit. Not that I don't shop at Goodwill anyway, but I was definitely not spending the money on a brand new pair of jeans because everything I owned was too small. At that point, I was between a US size 8 and 10. I'm tall, so I need to purchase a "Long" no matter the waist size. These are a not particularly easy to come by, so when I saw some size 6L on the rack, I grabbed them. I knew I couldn't squeeze into them at that point, but I planned to in the future. 

I continued to gain weight, and went all the way up to a size 12 (!) when I was 186 lbs. I never got to wear the jeans. They have been sitting on a shelf in my closet since the day I bought them.

Well, since I have been dropping weight this year, I have needed to go to Goodwill to get smaller jeans. Since my 10's are currently MUCH too big, I figured I would see if I could squeeze into the 6L's I bought. They fit! Actually, the one pair is a little loose (which is only a bummer because I hardly got to wear them, and hopefully soon they will be too big to wear at all, but it's a bummer I will take!). 

All of this of course makes me want to weigh myself because I am curious, but I'm going to wait until April 1st. If the pounds aren't down, it might spoil some of the euphoria of physically being smaller. 

In answer to your question Lucy, it's a different job. I'm not sure any dollar amount would convince me to go back to work for crazy-lady. At least it would have to be RIDICULOUSLY high. This other job is the one in the brewery. It was a fun job, but the pay was not good for the work/knowledge/commute required and the schedule was difficult. I also didn't care for the brewery owner (how he did business). The pay raise they offered me is significant, and salary (as opposed to hourly like I had before) but the hours would still be a little difficult, but not terrible. I don't know. Husband and I have been weighing the pros and cons of taking it vs. not taking it and neither of us has a clue what the best decision would be. I told them I would have an answer for them today so by the next time I post, I'll be able to let you guys know what I decided. 

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  1. Urgh, the joys of being tall. I always had to buy the next size up to get clothes long enough, which kind of became problematic when I started dropping sizes.

    Good luck with the rest of the month <3