Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Selfish asshole

Today started out fantastic. I have a friend that teaches a 5 am PiYo class, and I slept well enough last night that I got up and started my day with that. It's a tough workout so I had half of a banana prior to that. I then came home, had the second half of the banana and my amino acid supplement, and took the dog for a treacherously icy walk. He was misbehaving something awful so I only walked just over 2 miles, but it was better than nothing. I then ate two small bites of roast beef, and then got in the shower.

My friend then picked me up and she and I and her two kids went to visit a refugee family that we know and help out. They are a lovely family and have only been in the States for about 4 days so they don't know any English. We worked with them on number and letters and songs, but mostly we just visited and tried to communicate. It was a great time, but before we left, (as is common), the mother wanted to give us a drink. Most African refugees do this as a sign of saying Thank You and You are welcome in my home. She poured us tall (about 12 ounces) of apple juice. And the worst part was, I was so upset! I didn't show it, I didn't want to be rude. And I felt HORRIBLE. This entire family is malnourished and here I am lamenting the fact that I "have to" drink a glass of apple juice.

I am the worst person who has ever lived.

So I feel pretty lousy for two reasons, a) I just downed about 200 Calories of straight sugar, and b) that I'm actually upset about that.

Kill me now.

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  1. Hi! I read your blog I just never really comment but I just wanted to say I think that is the hardest part of dealing with this eating disorder is that I am so blessed to have so much, but i still am ungreatful for all the food i have. I think it is wonderful and very unselfish of you to go and spend time with that family though. I hope you are having a great day and can find peace in your relationship with food.
    with love