Friday, November 20, 2015


The first few days are the easiest. After that, the real hunger sets in. Not the, "I feel like eating right now because it's what I'm used to" hunger. The scarier hunger. The kind that starts to take over. I can't say if things would be easier if I hadn't been eating anything. I haven't ever done that long term. I do know that if I go a day or two without eating, I'm not hungry by the end the first day because my metabolism has already started to slow down, and a slow metabolism is the last thing I want. So I take bites. Throughout the day. This keeps me hungry and requires more self control than I typically possess. It's hard to eat only a little. But the hunger tells me it's working.

I haven't eaten yet today though, so I should have something. I just can't figure out what. Zucchini, maybe? I can spiralize it to make is feel like pasta. Kind of.

I would have eaten today, as I try to have a bit of something in the morning to wake up my metabolism from the night. But I had a dentist appointment at 8 am and I haven't been sleeping very much at all lately, so the fact that I was still asleep at 7 am made me want to keep sleeping. Get as much as I can because who knows if sleep will return the next night. Anyway, I made it to the dentist just after 8 (8:05, maybe?) to have a filling done and my face is still numb so I really can't eat just yet, even though I want to.
Probably for the best.

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