Thursday, November 8, 2012

So far so good. I guess...

Got up ten minutes earlier today than usual, which meant an extra ten minutes of running at the gym. I think tomorrow I will just lift. I have only done cardio this week so I need to get in some strength stuff. This afternoon was pretty miserable. For some of my classes we have to wear professional attire for exams so I had to go buy dress pants and dress shirts. Not only am I in the double digits in pants now, but I have the worst build. Tall, with hips. I have always had this problem but at least when I was skinnier there were dress pants in a size "long". They only had sizes 0, 2 and 4 in long. And I am now a fucking 10. What's worse is that I would be an 8 but all of the pants were too short, so I had to go up a size to get the length but now they are a little big in the waist and still tight in the hip and just barely long enough. Seriously. I was shopping for hours and I swear I tried on every pair of pants within a 20 mile radius. I'm awkwardly proportioned. I need to get skinnier so I can at least buy pants in a "long" again. This 5'10" frame is very unforgiving.

 At least I hardly ate today. I burned about 400 calories at the gym (which is not awesome, I prefer marathon workouts but time it limited, so something is better than nothing).
So that 400 calories negates the food I had.
I am currently drinking a beer to fill my empty stomach and give me a buzz to calm down my clothing shopping frustrations. I know beer is far more fattening than liquor. We have liquor, but liquor tends to make me eat and the 250 calories in this beer are less than I would likely consume if I was drinking vodka or gin. All right. I'm out.

Time to work on Pathology and Renal Physiology.


P.S. If you like Christmas thinspo, I posted a video with a song I like on the "pretty pictures" page of this blog. Should be the first video on the page. 

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  1. What? No 8 pants in long? That makes no sense. If they come in lengths it should be all sizes that have the diff lengths. I buy dress pants at The Limited or Express. They can be pricey but they last forever and they fit well. Not all of them come in lengths but they have certain styles that do. Keep up the good exercise. You will get there!!