Friday, November 16, 2012


Today I have had 34 oz water and 16 oz black coffee.

I almost ate this afternoon but I didn't have anything particularly important I needed to focus on so I just had coffee instead.

I could've eaten something, especially because Husband wants to go to the gym tonight, but I had some fruit and a granola bar yesterday thinking we were going to the gym and then Husband came home and said he was too tired.
We then ate pizza.

 Putting my Calories over 1,000 yesterday with no work out.

So I haven't had any Calories today so far (except the few that are in black coffee but I figure they are pretty negligible) because I know husband wants spaghetti for dinner. I am going to make myself a salad and put just vinegar on it and then have maybe an ounce of pasta with some sauce. It kind of depends on whether or not we go to the gym tonight tho.

(Also, FitBit lowered my Calorie goal again... This morning it said I should only consume 942 Calories... I'm thinking what it is doing is coming up with a goal on what my Calorie burn is and what I should consume based off of the weight goal I set in it. That might make more sense. But by this afternoon it changed its mind and said I could have 1,149 Calories so really I have no idea what it's doing. For now I am just using it as a personal log of how many I consume and not really paying attention to the numbers it sets as my "goals")

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