Monday, November 5, 2012


My motivation is coming back nicely. I stopped gaining, which is a start. Now it's time to get back to losing.

I feel like I need a plan. But I can't think of what. Is any one doing anything exciting?

Husband's BMI was a blessing to me. I HAVE to work out (seriously, my Calorie count doesn't mean shit if I'm not working out. I have never successfully lost a single pound without exercise. I don't know how some of you girls do it) if I want to lose weight. But with my school schedule and Husband's work schedule, I hardly see my husband as it is and I always feel guilty taking time away from him to work out. I have asked him to workout with me, but he never does.

Then, he had a re-evaluation at the chiropractor and found out his BMI is just slightly into the "obese" range.

Now, none of you know my husband, but if you did, you would in no way consider him obese. He is about 5'9" and weighs about 200 pounds. His job is VERY labor intensive and he has a lot of muscle mass. He has a kind of a gut but he wears a size medium and his pants are generally a 34 in waist. But that fact that he is in the "obese" range totally freaked him out. he immediately got a gym membership which allows him to bring a guest with each visit (since I don't need one because my school has a gym, which he would use but the hours aren't compatible with his work schedule). So he asked me if I would help him get up at 5 every morning and go with him to the gym. YES! So for the past two weeks, we have been getting up a five and working out for an hour before work and school. So that's workout motivation.

Now I just need to figure out eating.
The toughest part is that I'm rarely hungry in the evening so I'm fine to not eat at night, but Husband likes to have dinner together so then I end up eating with him.  Hmm... Need to figure this out. Any suggestions? Any one doing anything fun?


  1. OMG WHAT a blessing! I need the gym too. And I'm never TOO far from it but I'm not going ALL the time like I should. It feels like every time I go I'm starting over or turning over a new leaf and "this is IT" and then I flake for like, DAYS in a row.....

    It IS ok to eat dinner like normal with your hubby. Just keep your portions small and try to keep it early.

    stay in touch :-)

  2. That is a great motivation that you can do it together. We don't work out together but even him exercising on his own and eating right is good because we are both in the same mind set. I haven't figured out eating either.