Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New favorite!

Yes, yes. New favorite!
So, I don't know how well you can read the label on the bottle in the picture, but I have been drinking this Aronia juice every day. I buy it in the store in a concentrate. One tablespoon colors 2 litres of water the dark color you see in the glass. And at 44 Cals per tablespoon I can take my 1 L Nalgene bottle to school and sip on that for hours and only consume 22 Cals. Bonus: Aronia has an ORAC value over 16,000!!! So hopefully I am getting a bit anti-oxidized in the process. Haha. This is a good start. So for the past week I have been taking to school a granola bar (190 Cals), carrots (70 Cals) an apple (110 Cals) and my aronia juice (22 Cals). I usually have coffee at some point throughout the day but that is black so I don't count it. So that's about 400 Cals for the better part of the day, which is great, but dinners haven't been awesome. It's hard to eat an early dinner because Husband often doesn't get home until later but I have been doing a better job of making super healthy meals and keeping my portions small. I think I have lost a little but I'm not weighing myself until Monday, so we will see. Also, I've finally wised up and weigh myself weekly on MONDAYS. I used to weigh myself on Fridays because I knew I would usually have something high in sodium and carbs over the weekend and would see that on the scale on Monday. But now I am using it as motivation to stay smart over the weekend by knowing I have to weigh in on Monday. I was down 3 pounds this past Monday. Hopefully at least another two by the coming Monday. I figure 2 pounds a week ought to be good. I will be satisfied with that. It won't get me quite to where I want to be by Christmas. I will be seeing my sister, who has a BMI of around 15 so my "normal healthy" body type looks like an absolute whale next to her. And it is Christmas, so there will be pictures. Can't let that be terrible.

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