Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Drunkorexia with friends

I just keep cutting back my food intake so I can increase ethanol consumption.

I've also noticed man-friend seems to do the same thing. Does he have an eating disorder?? Am I projecting? He talks a lot about his obsessive self-control. He's really thin. And I see him almost every day now, he hardly eats, except for when he hasn't eaten all day and then pulls all of the food from his fridge and ravenously stuffs his face. He downs coffee like it's his job. When we hang out at night he eats little to none at all, and then drinks like a fish. As the drinks get stronger, he drinks faster. Even last night we ordered a pizza, thin crust, divided into probably around 30 slices (so, thin slices) and he probably ate two, which is the equivalent of less than one regular slice.

I also need to stop bringing up any things I'm working on or struggling with around him, because it inevitably leads to him bragging about how great his superhero wife is (the one I'm stalker-ishly jealous of). The day I mentioned the burden of my student loans, he mentioned how quickly she paid hers off. The day I discussed the struggles of the business aspect of being a doctor, he went on to explain what an incredible businesswoman she is. Last night I mentioned how I had been struggling to fit the exercise I need into my busy schedule but have been trying to ditch that as an excuse and so I went for two 2 mile runs yesterday because it was the best I could possibly do, and I definitely didn't have enough time to run more than that at one shot. He then proceeded to explain how even though his wife works 60 hours a week, she always manages to work out every day (which of course explains why she looks so damn good) and that he is always willing to watch the kids to allow her to do so because, as he stated, "Every guy wants their lady to look good."

Fucking fact. And it's not anything I didn't already know, and have actually addressed before in the context of wanting to look good around Husband's co-workers because I know how it bodes well for a man in society to have an attractive wife. It just would have been nicer to hear it in a context that didn't feel like "Hey in case you forgot, you are an inferior human being!"

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