Monday, May 9, 2016

You know what we say today? Who cares!

Thanks friends for your kind words. After I posted the last time I decided I couldn't take it, I had to see the 150's. So without food or water I spent a couple of hours exercising. I know that what I dropped in those hours was entirely water weight, but I just HAD to see the 150's, and I did. That afternoon I stepped on the scale to 158.0.

I haven't weighed since then because of course that number wouldn't have stuck around. Immediately after getting off the scale I went downstairs and slammed 24 oz. of water, so that alone would've basically brought me back up to 160. But it doesn't matter. I just needed to see it, and seeing it has kept me motivated these past few days.

As far as the Jazzercise goes, I took a second class and stood away from the fan, and sure enough I was sweating like crazy. So maybe I did burn more than I thought the first time. It's a fun class. I don't think I love it enough that I will keep going after the free month is up, but I do enjoy it enough to go for free. Plus the place is so close that walking there and back gives me almost 2 miles of extra walking each time I go so that helps too.

I really liked the instructor for the second class I took too. She's been teaching Jazzercise for 30 years and she was so much fun! At one point when she was talking about contracting your glutes she said "Ya know, 30 years ago we used to say 'Squeeze your glutes or no one else will' but you know what we say today? 'Who cares!..... Not gonna squeeze my glutes? Fine by me!' " Haha. I just loved her attitude. She also did a hilarious Mick Jagger impression when the song Moves Like Jagger came on.


  1. That's the only problem with driving your weight down temporarily - it doesn't always stick, and it makes getting back on the scales so frikkin' hard.

    Awesome to hear you're enjoying jazzercise! I love the "squeeze your glutes" comment. Maybe you could find some videos or something online for after the free classes end?


  2. I absolutely do not have the restraint to wait more than one day for weigh ins. So basically I do it daily. I think I would go crazy with the not knowing even though the knowing kills me sometimes. I've never tried Jazzercise. I honestly don't even know what it is.