Tuesday, May 17, 2016

On last night's binge....

First off, in response to Bella, I'll be interested to see where the show goes. I'm only around the end of season 2, though I've seen a few episodes from other seasons. I keep seeing links on the sidebar to the episodes with kids, but I haven't been able to bring myself to watch those either.

And about my blog post title? Drunken binge. Typically my job at the bar is actually very conducive to proper restricting. It keeps me on my feet and too busy to even think about food. Last night however was dead and there were two guys who come in fairly often who were chatting with me and buying me drinks all night. It was certainly a more enjoyable evening having them there, but the Calories from the alcohol alone were devastating, thinking back on it. Then when I got home, disaster struck. I was drunk, and had eaten hardly anything for a couple of days. So I cooked up not one, but TWO BOXES of mac n cheese, and ate peanut butter directly from the jar while doing it. I can't imagine what this sight looks like. I'm sure Husband could hear me banging around in the kitchen as I drunkenly prepared and scarfed my food. I feel ill just thinking about it. The worst part about drunken binges is that I typically run off the damage of a binge the next day, but dehydration kills my running abilities. It's not that I won't go. I have to. I can't let that mess sit in my system. It's just that I don't think I'd make it the 15 miles it would take to make a binge like that into something slightly less horrific. So I'm going to spend the morning doing my best to re-hydrate so hopefully I can do some proper sort of damage control this afternoon. If I can at least knock out 6 miles that's around 700 Calories, which would be about one of those boxes of mac n cheese. 


"I avoided the Cheetos until the alcohol sank in; I avoided the guilt until the alcohol wore off." Lina


  1. Drinking either makes me gain heaps or lose heaps the next morning, even if I don't overeat or get sick or anything. It makes me so anxious because I never know which way it'll go.


  2. Ooooh sweetie, shit happens. Remember this is not your regular routine, it's a one off event. Run as much as you can, but do not be too harsh with yourself.
    love love love