Friday, January 29, 2016

Your alcohol tolerance is showing.

Knowing I had to go out for Mexican food for two friends' birthdays last night, I made it through the day having only eaten a banana and running 4 miles. I had planned to only have a small margarita, one enchilada, and a side of beans. Well, I was the last one to show up, and every one had already ordered jumbo margaritas because they were basically the same price. Hesitant about the sugar, but enthusiastic about the tequila, I too ordered a jumbo margarita (some estimates online calculate that to be about 600 calories but I'm calling it 1,000 because I am a repulsive person).

Afraid I was going to wind up too drunk to drive home, I ordered extra food (honestly, what is wrong with me???) so I got THREE enchiladas, with beans AND rice. This act of personal terrorism turned out to be entirely unnecessary, because while all of my other friends either drank half of the their margaritas and felt pretty tipsy, or drank theirs entirely and were hammered drunk, I downed mine and felt nothing. Had I ordered less food, I would have felt drunk and consumed fewer calories. 


So today I plan to have my coffee (which I am currently consuming) and then eat an apple in a few hours to try to keep my metabolism going. At some point I will go for a run, and then Husband and I have dinner plans. I would like to figure out how to not eat dinner, and I would also like to not drink alcohol tonight. Probably neither of those is going to happen. 

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