Thursday, January 28, 2016

Closing in on February

So, I told myself I would only weigh-in on the first of every month so that my body actually had time to lose weight, because weighing too often is a downfall of mine. If that scale has gone up when I think it should have gone down, I say "fuck it" and stop restricting. If done properly, weighing only once a month should prevent that. If I haven't lost anything in a month, I'm clearly not even trying.

I didn't hold to this entirely though. I weighed myself about halfway through the month, which I did because like most people, I typically weigh myself first thing in the morning, naked, after I've peed. On this day, I was so curious, and it was late afternoon, I had just eaten, and I was wearing clothes. This was when I was "down a pound" like I said in my last post. So realistically, maybe down more than a pound, but I didn't actually see a lower number, so I'm not saying it was.

And February 1st is really only a few days away, so if I don't want to kill myself on Monday I will have to work hard the next few days.

I'm currently working on talking myself into a run. I'm so sore though. On Tuesday I took two PiYo classes, one at 5 am and one at 6 pm. I'm usually sore after one. I was really feeling it yesterday, and while I was at work, I had to move kegs in the walk-in fridge. The smaller kegs weighed about 60 lbs, and the larger ones weighed about 160 pounds. My arms were shaking by the end of it because they were already sore from PiYo. It was good though, because I ate a fucking burger from Culver's for lunch so at least I burned some of it off. (side note: I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and looked up the calorie count estimation from Culver's, the burger I thought for sure had to be at least 1200 Calories, was only 710, so that's a plus)

But this is also why I used to be so much thinner. It never used to matter how sore I was, I was exercising. Old age has made me lazy. I am almost 30, after all. And here I thought eating/food/weight/body issues were just a phase for teenagers. Ha.

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