Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Whiskey, beer, and swimsuits

As usual, booze is my nemesis. If I was really committed to losing weight I would lay off that shit, but I can't seem to. Does that make me an alcoholic?

Sunday night a couple of friends came over and the four of us killed about two and a half bottles of whiskey while hanging in our hot tub.

It's so ingrained into my life though. Husband and I are home brewers, and since I have been unemployed in my field, I have been working both in my friend's beer/wine making supply store and as a brewer in a microbrewery. Every night it seems there are local tappings and events I feel the need want to go to. All of my friends are there. And I love craft beer/wine/liquor. And it's not like I'm getting trashed during the week though occasionally on weekends but I'm easily including an extra 300-500 calories A NIGHT in alcohol. Restricting food is easy. Restricting booze is not. And this is why we are halfway through January and I have lost one pound. I'm not even back to my pre-Christmas weight.

On the plus side, the resolutions are going well. I'm closing in on finishing my third book of the new year (which has not felt nearly as burdensome as I anticipated) and Husband and I ran our first 5k on Saturday. It was about 10 degrees out so we were pretty bundled. The worst part is that the 5k in February could potentially be colder than this. Though, to be perfectly honest I'll take the frigid Midwest winter cold over the sweltering Midwest summer heat. Heat and I are not friends.

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