Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The weekend

I got back in to town just after midnight Monday night.

The weekend went pretty well considering I was with my mother the whole time. I got in late Friday night and Saturday morning the first thing my she did when I woke up was shove some donuts in my face. Here! Have some!

I took one, nibbled on it a little, then gave it to my niece while I took a shower and got ready for the wedding.

The wedding went well. I did my best to enjoy the reception even though I happened to be surrounded by a bunch of people from my childhood who never liked me. I can't explain why. No events occurred that would make them not like me, but even since pre-school this group of kids has not liked me.

But after the food consumption (and a lot of gin consumption) my ex-boyfriend's band played at the reception and every one was up from their seats and dancing. It was SOOOO hot out and I was sweating something fierce, but so was every one. I don't think I looked too bad. Looking back at some people's pictures, the only thing that really sucks is my arms are sooo huge. I hate them.

The dress I wore was a 6, but I found it was quite loose on me. Which is a good sign, because it was the one I wore back in May to my husband's cousin's rehearsal dinner and it was maybe a little snug on my then. When I wore it this past weekend I definitely could have gone with a dress at LEAST one size smaller. Probably could have even squeezed into it 2 sizes smaller.

Anyway, then on Sunday my mom had a cookout. My mom made sangria (she makes the best sangria) and so I spent the day drinking sangria and margaritas and enjoying the company of my friends. I went for a very long walk in the scorching heat with my friend in the morning, and went swimming three times throughout the afternoon/evening as I was sober enough to do so.

I came home a pound heavier, but I think a lot of that is travel bloat. My wedding band is quite tight on my finger which is a good indication I am just bloated. It should go down hopefully by tomorrow.

Another new goal? Well, two of them actually.
Next month I am going with my husband and his family on vacation to the Outer Banks. I am excited for it. But it will be a week of being on the beach which means I need to tone up PRONTO. Then in September is my best friend's wedding, which I am in and I am currently the fattest bridesmaid (which doesn't say much, all of her friends are TINY).

But I have some work to do.

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  1. Im glad you had a great weekend, you deserved it