Saturday, March 23, 2013


So, this is probably my longest plateau without a binge. I was losing weight pretty rapidly for the past month and then this past week I didn't lose a single pound. Not even half a pound.

I'm sure this is largely due to glycogen, which is why I haven't gotten distraught. I have increased my running distance by about two miles and have been pushing myself to run a little faster. I may have even gained a little muscle because I have been consuming some protein and carbs post-workout so I'm pretty sure I've just increased my muscle and glycogen. Because I have gotten smaller. My clothes are yet a little looser. In fact, if the weather gets nice soon here I will need to shop for some new summer clothes because I have nothing. I only have one pair of jeans that I can wear. They were a pair of "oh, I'll hang onto these and maybe one day fit into them" jeans. Which is nice that I fit into them, but I kinda need more than one pair of jeans.

I almost binged on Wednesday night. I was definitely in a binge mood. Then husband came home and asked if I wanted to go out for wings. YES!

I actually was a little nervous because I love wings and I was in the mood to feast.
Fortunately, when I still had a few wings leftover, the waitress came by and asked if I needed a box. I said no. I was totally prepared to eat all of the wings. Then Husband interjected that I should probably get a box and not finish the last few because her could tell I was plenty full and would only wind up feeling sick if I ate more. (He knows me so well)

So, thanks to my husband, even though I did eat more junk than I should have, wasn't a huge binge.

And thank goodness I didn't binge on wings.

What I have been eating lately has been super healthy. Mostly nuts and seeds and veggies with a little meat or yogurt or fruit here and there.

Well, the wings were definitely a shock to my system. I went to bed with a bit of a stomach ache and woke up in the night with the most violent stomach pains. After some water and praying I would have a BM or something, anything to relieve the pain, I went back to bed. Had a stomach ache most of the next day too until having a very unpleasant BM that night.
That'll teach me to eat that garbage. Bleah.

So, I'm hanging in there. Just trying to hold on until I get past this plateau. It's bound to happen, right? Ugh. I hope so.

(I do actually recall being stuck at this weight for a looong time a few years ago.... I think it might be a weight that my body just "likes" to be at. But I say no, body. I will press on. I will get smaller.)


  1. Feel better soon :)

    I should probably not ask this - but I am wondering, how much do you weigh now?

  2. Welcome to my world. Except I plateau and gain interchangeably! Hopefully you won't hang out here for long. Good job on eating right and exercising to lose.