Friday, March 15, 2013


Remember a few posts ago when I mentioned a classmate asked if I had lost a bunch of weight?
I sort of brushed off his comment.

But I have continued to lose weight.
A few days ago I had a practical exam which required me to wear clinic attire (which is typically dress pants and a button down shirt).

Well, I didn't realize just how much weight I had lost. Until I went to get dressed the morning of the practical. All of my clinic clothes: too big.

Had I realized this a day or two sooner, I would have been ecstatic, but not realizing until the day of meant I had to wear over-sized clinic clothes. None of my dress pants have belt loops so I couldn't wear a belt and my pants kept falling down and my shirt kept coming un-tucked. It was awful.

The classmate who made the previously mentioned comment saw me and said "I was right. I knew you had lost weight".

The part that sucks is that, obviously, I don't see it. I think I look the same. All of my clothes are just too big.

The numbers have gone down a lot. Again, I'm sorry I'm too superstitious to share them with you. I want to. I want to tell you what I weigh because it's the lowest I have been since I got married. But (as long time readers will know) I feel like every time I post my weight on here, the numbers go up immediately after. Maybe if I reach an "underweight" BMI, I will let you know. Then at least I have a little room to go up in case my stupid superstitions sabotage me.

Either way, since I finally saw a number this morning that was down to around what I was when I got married, I figured "Hey, I wonder if I can get into my wedding dress".
Tried it on. Too big.

What?! This means I'm actually SMALLER than I was when I got married. Which of course is another small annoyance because I look at wedding photos and think "Man, I wish I was that thin again"
But I'm actually thinner.

I wish I could actually see it.


  1. That is soooo awesome that you have lost so much weight. I never see it either when I lose weight and it sucks because if you are going to go to all that effort and stress about it you would at least like to notice it so you can enjoy it. It's like we can't actually see ourselves.

  2. It's freaky, isn't it? I wonder how it would change the nature of things if we could actually see ourselves as we are. Sometimes a safety pin taking in each side seam a little bit helps in a pinch.