Friday, December 7, 2012

Merry Christmas Parties

Nichole S, your comment on my Liebster post made my whole day. I know I have accomplished a good deal, but I am constantly surrounded by incredibly intelligent people that sometimes it feels hard to keep up. When some one says they think I am intelligent it really means alot. :)

Also, Taylor, is your blog hidden? Where are you?

As for my current situation, I had a small binge earlier in the week without really even realizing it until it was too late. We had friends over for dinner and they brought over an ice cream cake which was HUGE and left most of it here.
I had a piece on Tuesday night. 1/16th slice of the cake. I figured, it was a small piece, shouldn't have been more than 350 Cals. Then I looked up the value on Dairy Queen's website: 1/10th slice of the cake (apparently a "serving size") is 750 Calories! Gross! That means I had about 470 Calories in one sugary sitting.
On top of that, I had only two days in the past week that I was under 1,000 Calories for the day. Most days wound up around 1,300.
And I had a particularly busy week so I didn't have time for any good workouts.
So that fact that I was down a pound this morning from last week, I guess I'll count as a success. It's not a huge giant failure, right?

This weekend is going to be tough though. Tonight, there is a Christmas celebration at a town with an awesome distillery, and there is going to be free food/wine/liquor tastings and Husband wants to go. So that means NO eating all day today. Maybe two cups of lettuce for lunch? Probably won't be having and veggies tonight, so, better get a little in beforehand.

Tomorrow night is husband's company Christmas party. He already gets playfully mocked for having such a "hot wife", even thought I don't view myself that way at all, but I knew this night was coming and I would have to get dressed up and I REALLY wanted to be at least 5 lbs lighter than I am now. 10 lbs would be better.

So no eating tomorrow.

Then, Sunday night is a Christmas party at our friends house. Every one is bringing a dish so I volunteered to bring salad. That way I can make a killer salad and not feel awkward eating just that rather than having to "pretend" that some one else's bowl of iceberg lettuce is so delicious. Even so, there will be drinking, and I'm sure I can't escape eating nothing but salad.

So no eating all day Sunday.

But for now, I have to go spend some time putting together a presentation on changes in patterns of motor function that occur in response to the introduction of sensory stimuli.

Nerd out.


  1. I'm overloaded with Christmas gatherings with food too. I'd like to enjoy these things but instead I dread the food.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. I've been wanting to come back for a while, but I'm not sure it's the right time :) And I totally sympathize-- Christmas gatherings can be killer, but it sounds like you have a perfect solution.

  3. OH MY GOD, don't you just HATE how most people have no idea how to make a decent salad!? Ugh!

    And I'm glad I made you feel happy. You better be smart if you're gunna be Dr. Back-Cracker. I wouldn't let a not-so-smart person crack my bones.