Friday, December 21, 2012

Here we go

Yeah, my last post was a little weary. I've been feeling kind of weary. Today was a pretty good day though. Better than the last few.

I drink too much.


I could probably be about 3 or 4 pounds slimmer by now if I didn't drink so goddamn much.

I have been losing, so that's good. Remember how I said I gained twenty pounds since last spring?

Well, fifteen are gone.
But the next week is going to be tough.
Christmas, and all.

Luckily (?) we will only be at my folks' house for four days. But my mom has already called me to tell me she is making Cuban sandwiches for Christmas Eve, I am making a roast for Christmas dinner (as I do every year), and she has already made almond bark, fudge and brownie bites.

For any of you readers who have been here a while (maybe even some from way back, before I started my blog over a couple of times) you know my mom force feeds us.
Even Husband, who LOVES to eat, is dreading the amount of food my mom makes us eat. She doesn't stop cooking the whole time we are there and gets all mad if we don't eat every bite. It's not even tempting or pleasant, it's just a stomach ache.

Don't get me wrong, I love my mom's cooking. But it's beyond excessive.
I try to say "hey, put the utensils down and just hang out, we want to spend time with you" (which is half true since half the time she's pleasant and fun, and half the time she's batshit crazy), but she just cooks and cooks away.

At least it's only 4 days. And there will be home made dandelion wine.

Since I'm not taking my computer with me (the only place from where I access this site) I won't be posting until next week. Probably Thursday at the earliest.

So Merry Christmas and best wishes to you all. Good luck with the holidays, and try to find the joy in it! I love you all.


  1. Wow! That's tough. My mom tries to get me to eat but no force feeding. My sister is making a roast for Christmas. I'm not even sure I know what that is! Congrats on dropping 15 lbs even with drinking.

  2. 15 pounds -- AWESOME! A lot of the time, people who overfeed their loved ones do it because they're not sure how to show love in other ways (lol I just realized that's how peoples' pets get really fat too). My mom does the same thing when we go to visit my brother. It's probably a mixture of the love thing, and just wanting to make the occasion special. You're crafty, and it seems like you've been "working on it" for a while, I think you'll be able to wriggle your way out of eating too many brownies and fudge.

  3. Merry Christmas :)

    (and gl with your mothers force feeding - my gram does the same ALWAYS)