Friday, December 14, 2012

I recently broke through in to the next ten pound mark. Nichole was so right about that. It seems like I can drop pounds so fast in the middle of a ten pound mark but when I get down to the bottom of it, it just hovers forever.

I ran today. 3 miles. My body is getting fatigued more easily though, which sucks. Especially because I want to play rugby. I used to play when I lived on the East Coast but I haven't had time since I moved. Now, I have time but I'm too preoccupied with keeping my food intake low, I know I can't possibly keep up with the team at school and there is a very real chance I would get injured. 

So I just do what I can. I could have managed more than 3 miles but I was running on my lunch break so I was a little pressed for time. My intake has been some black coffee, an egg with hot sauce and a few slices of orange and yellow bell peppers. I know that's not enough if I'm exercising. I'm taking energy from muscle. I know muscle is a great fat burner so it's stupid of me to be going on like I am. But it's the only way I've successfully gotten smaller and right now, that's all I really care to do.

Also, I think we are having fish for dinner. Fish and veggies, which shouldn't be too bad.


  1. It's so awesome that you broke through. I'm happy for you. But am I mistaken in hearing the tone of your post as indifferent, apethetic, and maybe a little weary?

  2. you are an inspiration, working that hard
    have a happy holidays honey :)


  3. oh grats :) hopefully you'll get where you wish soon :)