Friday, February 10, 2017

I got mad at an orange.

When I spend the afternoon working at my friend's store, I usually peel an orange, separate the pieces and put it in the container to take with me, so if I feel genuinely hungry I can take out one piece at a time, eat it, wait a bit and then see if it was enough to satiate my hunger. Yesterday when I was getting ready to leave, I peeled the orange, but the slices didn't want to separate. It was making a juicy mess all over the counter, and I knew if it was juicy and messy in the container, I couldn't easily eat one piece at a time in the afternoon, so what did I do? I stuck the damn slices that wouldn't separate in my mouth and started to eat them. 

As soon as I bit down and all of the sweet juices flooded my mouth, I felt immediate regret and anger. Before I could forfeit all self-control by swallowing it, I spit it out into the garbage. I considered trying to separate the remaining pieces, but instead decided the damn orange had a plot against me and needed to be disposed of entirely. I threw the remaining orange into the garbage with the peel and half-chewed slices and left for work with just a bottle full of water and my coffee cup in case I needed the afternoon jolt. 

I'm about to head into my office (my real job) this morning, but I don't have many patients scheduled so I plan to spend a good portion of the rest of my day on the treadmill, or if it warms enough outside to melt the ice and snow on the sidewalks then I'll spend the afternoon outside with the dogs. 

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