Friday, April 1, 2016

First of the month fool

Well, it's weigh-in day and I'm happy to be down at all. The first two weeks of March I was great about restricting and running off what I did consume, but I think the cardio has been catching up with me because the past two and a half weeks all I think about all day long is carbs! Bread, pasta, even candy and and don't even like candy.

So today, fearing a re-gain of everything I might have lost at the beginning of the month, I was a little relieved to see 163.0. At least it's down. It's still not great. Any one can lose three pounds in a month. I should be doing that in a week.

Most of my major calorie intake seems to happen at night, so I took a job as a bartender for now. I didn't want to have to work every night because I do want to spend time with Husband, but a friend of mine who is a manager of a local brewery asked if I would be willing to work two or three days a week. I'm not a night owl but he's a friend and said I could pretty much pick the times I want to work so hopefully not too many really late shifts (even though that's where all the good money is... the late night drunks are the best tippers). It will be some decent money and keep a couple of evenings too busy for stuffing my face.

All right, even though yesterday I was up for 24 hours straight and spent twelve of those on my feet - I'm tired, my legs are tired - only being down three pounds in a month is motivating me to go out for a run. May 1st needs a better number.

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  1. It all adds up! Even if it's not as quick as you'd like, you're making progress and you WILL get there.