Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Travels and races

Visited some friends in South Carolina over Memorial day. When we were getting ready to go to the beach, my friend was lamenting her weight gain since moving about a year ago. I mentioned that I had gained weight but recently lost some of it, and that I currently weigh about 155. She looked genuinely shocked that I told her that number and said she would have guessed I was 130. I usually think people are just being overly flattering when they say things like that, but she's a pretty honest friend and sounded legitimately surprised.

Wouldn't 130 be nice?!

I'll get there.

In other news, my sister-in-law convinced me to run a 10k with her when I visit her in New Hampshire in July. What she didn't say up front is that it's a race that has been named the "most competitive hill climb" by Runner's World magazine. The final kilometer of the race is apparently up a grassy slope that exceeds a 40% grade. Yikes. I live in the flat Midwest and am definitely not conditioned for that.

I guess it's motivation to find as many hills as I can and run up them.

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  1. Ah, the joys and pains of uphill running!
    I have a trail in July which I'm totally NOT prepared for. need to train, need to train