Thursday, November 17, 2016

My body is stressed.

I need to take a break from running. Not a large break. But maybe a week.

My body is so sore. I did a shit job of recovering from that race. Too much running, not enough food. As a consequence, I'm retaining something. I stepped on the scale today (ugh, mid-month) and was 157.5. I'm not losing anything, which really is to be expected. I'm still running close to 50 miles every week, not eating enough (and the food I do eat is garbage), only sleeping a couple of hours every night, work is incredibly stressful right now, I drink too much. My cortisone is likely through the roof and my body is holding on to everything. I have an event to go to tomorrow night and Saturday night so I neeeed to be running the next couple of days. The event tomorrow is the opening of a friend's bakery/brewery and the event is terrifyingly titled "Carbs Gone Wild" because it's all bread and beer. There is no way in hell I'm not running off those carbs. And of course next week is Thanksgiving. Yikes!

But I think starting after Thanksgiving, for one week I am going to not run and try very hard to not drink alcohol. Hopefully cutting out the alcohol for a week will give my body a chance to hydrate and keep my calories down to offset the lack of running. Not that I'm going to be stagnant. I'll still do some yoga and at least walk the dog to the park. I'll keep moving. I have to. But let my running muscles have a little breather because it's damn near impossible to lose any weight when my body is this stressed.

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