Saturday, November 19, 2016

Good ending to a disaster day.

I made beer yesterday at my brewery job. I thought I would be in the clear as it's a busy job and I was on my own so I could keep moving and eat little to none. I made a smoothie in the morning and packed a small salad for lunch. Shortly after getting there however, my friend who works upstairs brought in a box of fucking Krispy Kreme doughnuts (not even delicious. ugh.) and left them in my work area. He said "here, these are for any one". Had it been just a single doughnut for me, I would've tried to wait until he left, and thrown it in the trash, but since they were for "every one" I tried to leave them on the counter. I tried to ignore them. As long as I didn't open the box, I was in the clear. I ended up eating TWO doughnuts later in the day when a co-worker showed up and started eating them. Shortly thereafter, one of the guys from the pizza place next door brought me a slice of pizza. Fuck. In an effort to be polite, I ate the majority of it, but he had to leave and go back to work before I finished the whole thing so I threw the rest in the trash. This was still significantly more garbage than I had anticipated eating. 

I was dreading whatever our Friday night plans might be so when I got home I went for a 4 mile run and then took the dog to the park to run around for a bit, even though I hadn't sat down all day and my legs were a little tired, I needed to do at least a little damage control especially because Friday nights usually involve a lot of food and beer. 

But then, lucky me! Husband had plans that didn't involve me, so I was able to skip dinner and go to bed at 8pm! So if I figure I ran off the doughnuts and the rest of my intake for the day was the smoothie, two-thirds of a slice of pizza and a few bites of salad, it's not as terrible of a day as it could have been. 

Husband is working this morning, so that gets me out of breakfast and possibly lunch but I do have two social events tonight that involve food. If Husband wasn't going with, that would make it easy: Not eat at the first event to "save room" for the second one, and then lie claim I already ate at the first one to get out of eating at the second one. But it won't be that simple. 

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