Thursday, January 23, 2014

A few good days

So, the past few days of restricting have gone really well. Maybe all it takes sometimes is a little kick in butt from good ol' friend Toilet Face (you can call bulimia "Mia" if you want, but if you ask me, that name is way too glorifying. From this point forward, bulimia will be referred to as Toilet Face).

I have run my largest Calorie deficit in a while in the past few days and I have been rewarded with a small loss. I'm finally back below my considered "safe" numbers (ya know, that arbitrary number we all have, under which we may not feel thin, but feel at least acceptable to be seen in public), and I actually don't feel dehydrated! Usually a decent loss comes with the fear that it's all dehydration, and while my glycogen stores are likely a little low, I have been drinking close to 100 oz of water every day, so hopefully that is lending some hydration.

I did have a weird night last night, and it may have been from lack of adequate food intake. I woke up at 1:30 in the morning with a pretty substantial nosebleed. I was so tired, so getting out of bed felt like the worst. Once the bleeding stopped and I went back to bed, I couldn't fall asleep, because every time I started to drift off, I started to feel dizzy, almost like I was falling, and I would wake back up again. It was frustrating, because I really just wanted to sleep. My nose wasn't bleeding for long enough that I felt that feeling was from blood loss, and as mentioned before, I have been drinking a lot of water so I didn't really feel like it was from dehydration. I recall having felt that way in the past when I have been properly restricting for a while, and I had a feeling if I went downstairs and had a little orange juice or something, I would probably feel better. Fortunately, Husband has been turning the heat down at night so the house was freezing, and I was exhausted. Between the two, I managed to stay in bed until I fell asleep again, which meant no middle-of-the-night Calorie intake for me.

Today is another frigid day in the Midwest, so school was cancelled again. Ordinarily I would still be in bed on a day like today, because even though I like being up and getting things done, sleeping is the only sure way stave off a binge, but I am feeling strong and in control today, so I got up when Husband got up, and have yet to even desire any food. Hopefully today goes as well as I am anticipating.

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