Saturday, March 24, 2012

Time consumers

Only 8 classes this term, btw. (Better than ten, like last term, but these are harder, so it's actually more work)

Gross Anatomy II, Spinal Anatomy II, Biochemistry II, Neurophysiology II, Philosophy II, Endocrinology, Cell Physiology and a technique class. All graduate level (obviously, for those who don't know I'm becoming a doctor). All making my brain hurt 24/7.

Spinal II is the craziest. Do you know what the contents of the subarachnoid space are above the level of C3 and how they differ from the contents of the subarachnoid space below the level of C6? Because I do. Every nerve, artery, vein, etc. And you can't even Wikipedia it. Because it's not common knowledge. I sure put a lot of trust in my profs.

So that is why I pretty much never post anymore. But I occasionally read. And I enjoy seeing what you all are up to.

Take care of yourselves.


  1. Wow! I could never understand those classes. You must be very smart!! No wonder you are busy.

  2. Good luck with your classes :)