Friday, September 27, 2013

Long time no write

August 5th? Wow, it has been too long.

I'm sure you're probably thinking I fell onto the binge train and have horrible news to update, but that's not the case. No, I've actually dropped about 4 pounds since I last posted. 4 pounds in two months is pretty terrible, but it is at least keeping in the right direction, so I will let it go.

Life has just been it's typical business. I start seeing patients later this fall, so that is terrifying.

The biggest hindrance to my weight loss right now is that I am training for a swim meet that's being held in the beginning of November. You would think it would help, but the problem is, I actually want to do well, which requires being in good shape and fueling my muscles, so that means it's hard to run a deficit. The advantage is, swimming burns insane amounts of calories, so even though I have had a couple of binges in the past two months, none of them have lead to a gain because my metabolism is revved. So that's a win.

Anyway, I really wish I had more to update besides that. I'm going to go try to catch up on a few of your blogs. How is every one doing??

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  1. 4lbs less is still 4lbs in the right direction so that's great!
    that's a tough one about the swim meet, but I know it burns crazy numbers of calories so you can pretty much eat what you want without it leading to a gain, especially if it's healthy stuff to keep you fuelled and in good shape:)