Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fat fat fat

Weight is stuck again.

And it's no mystery.

I can't stop drinking!

Seriously folks. It's a problem.

And probably, if I drank less alcohol, my muscles wouldn't be so sore from what working out I do, and I could work out more, therefore burning more calories, while at the same time consuming fewer calories. And getting fucking skinny.

But instead, I drink.

In the realm of food and exercise? Fine. Eating mostly nuts and veggies, keeping the intake low. Running 5-6 miles a day.

And then the sun goes down, and I throw literally about 600 Calories per night into my stomach of just alcohol. I could totally drink more hard liquor than beer. But Husband keeps buying really great beer. So many new things to try, each more delicious than the last. And that's the worst part. Cause I like scotch and we have good scotch and I could be drinking that. Or bloody marys. I make kick-ass bloody marys. But then the beer shows up and with it, my beer gut.

And this is why I am fat.

Because I have no self-control.

1 comment:

  1. I think I have had like two small glasses of wine the last 1,5 year (ofc mostly cause I got knocked up lol) - but now I am sure even smelling scotch would make me drunk lol

    honey if you are mostly eating nuts and veggies you do have self-control.. You just need to get this last thing under control :)