Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finally, a post!

School has been crazy. Never have I ever studied so hard in my life. Ya know when it's finals week and you spend all day and night studying? That's my every day.

We have class from 7:30am until mid-late afternoon. I then spend 3-4 hours going over what we learned from the day and doing homework with my two neighbors who are in my class. It's very convenient. The one guy lives in the same building as I do, and the other one live across the street from us. They are both married which is cool. I was wondering how it would be, being back in school and married, but of my class of about 130, I would say a third to maybe a half of the class is married. Even more of the students in the upper classes are married, so I'm not nearly the only on in the boat I'm in.

I've managed to drop a few pounds. Two actually, which is better than a gain. I had to drastically cut back on how much I was consuming because I am sitting for most of the day. I have yet to start using the fitness center at school because the weather has been warm enough I can run outside, but the temps have been dropping which means soon it will be too cold for me to run outside without my airways drying out/closing up.

I had a major win too! We were going over anatomy and palpating certain bones and muscles in the body in my anatomy lab. And the professor was demonstrating with students. I was up when we were discussing the clavicle. I happened to be wearing a shirt that the edge of the collar sat out on my shoulders and the professor made a joke about how we didn't even need to palpate the structures on my clavicle, and that every one could for sure see them clear across the room. Collarbones for the win!

I now have a study date with my neighbors so I have to wrap this up (yeah, we study every Saturday too).

I hope you are all well! I will try to make some more time to post. Still kind of working out my schedule. Not used to being QUITE this busy. But on the plus side, very little time to eat!

Take care!


  1. School is hard work! Yeah for 2 lbs.

  2. I always find your posts so relatable (other than the married part). I feel like we would get along well. Gotta love collarbones :) Congrats on the loss, and good luck with all your schoolwork <3 -G

  3. Hurray for the weight loss AND a clavical comment!! I love it when that happens!!

    Hope school is going good, you seem like you're staying right on track!

    :) xoxox